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fully choreographed First Dance
with step-by-step breakdown for
couples with '0' dance experience

fully choreographed First Dance
with step-by-step breakdown for
couples with 0 dance experience


“Dancing with the Stars”

Daniella Karagach and Pasha Pashkov

what you’ll get

6 reasons why couples
learn first dance online

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Save money

pay 5x less
by learning

judgement free

No need to drag
your shy fiancé to
a crowded studio

stress free

learn in the
comfort of
your home

Unlimited lessons

rewatch tutorials
on tv or any other

Save time

no need to
commute to the
dance studio


adjust practice
to your busy

select your course



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or $22/month FOR 6 MONTHS


Like LEGO, build your first dance from UNIVERSAL moves
to match ANY song


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choose from World`s LARGEST library of 500+ Dance Courses
to popular First Dance songs



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Get a personalized and fully choreographed dance to the
song of your choice

for your convenience



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Designed to create a Father-Daughter & Mother-Son Dance that would match ANY song

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The happy couple will have one less thing to worry about in preparation for their Wedding!

Webinar: 'First Dance Secrets'

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• 25 helpful tips

• expert advice to reduce stress

• how to make it unforgettable

• how to wow your guests

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more than 10,000 happy couples


Personal account will be created automatically after you complete the purchase. Like NETFLIX - easy access to  Online Wedding Dance lessons on your TV or any other device.

you have access to your Wedding Dance classes all the way till your Wedding Day! You can keep rewatching all the lessons as many times as you want or need. NO LIMIT!

Not much at all! Most often, the average living room space will do. Sometimes you might need to move some furniture out of the way, especially if it has sharp corners. Extra tip: wear appropriate footwear not to slip during your Wedding Dance classes.

Absolutely 100% YES!
This Wedding Dance online tutorial was designed with beginners in mind. We’ve taught hundreds of couples over the years and 99% of them were complete beginners. Couples that were not able to see us in person were receiving virtual instruction from us via Skype and Zoom. Once we saw Wedding First Dance lessons online were equally effective, we came up with the idea for this virtual wedding dance school. We’ve put years of experience to make these courses easy to follow and guarantee results. You will be surprised with how fast you’ll learn. You are not the first, it’s been done and it WORKS!

Just like with anything else in life – practice makes perfect. The more you rehearse, the more comfortable and confident you will look and feel on your wedding day. If you start preparing in advance you will be able to fit in more rehearsals before your wedding and minimize the stress. Try not to take extra long breaks between your Wedding Dance classes to keep the flow going and not to forget what you’ve already learned. The great thing about Wedding First Dance lessons online is that you can do it on your own schedule and at your own pace. We suggest starting 2-3 months in advance. Starting even earlier? Great! Only have one week left before the wedding? You can still do it! Just make sure you fit in as many practice sessions as possible in the next few days.

Yes! We thought it through and we only use the dance moves that are easy to do in ANY dress style.

First of all, we have quizzes along the way of the course that help you understand how well you are progressing through the course and if you are ready for the next set of dance moves. 
Secondly, once you learn your entire dance, we encourage you to record yourself dancing it and send it to us. Our pro dancers Pasha Pashkov & Daniella Karagach will review the dance and give their feedback and advice if anything needs polishing.

We have two course options in our Library: online wedding dance lessons WITH LIFTS and with NO LIFTS. You can watch previews for both versions and choose which one you prefer. Plus, if you have ordered the dance with lifts, but have trouble executing any of them, there is a lesson inside the course called “Alternative Moves”, where we teach you equally effective and easy-to-execute moves that you can use to substitute any lifts you decide skip.

Choosing a song for your First Dance is a very personal thing and there is no right or wrong. Choose a song that is special and meaningful, the one that resonates with both of you and you will enjoy dancing to. From our experience, the sweet spot in terms of length of the song is somewhere between 2-3 minutes. It is always a good idea to edit the song to a perfect length. Our “Turn-Key” & “Custom” courses already come with an edited song.

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