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Online Course

This course is perfect for couples that want a personal touch. All you need is to choose your First Dance song and we will do the rest. You will end up with a fully choreographed dance tailored specifically to you.
Due to extremely high demand, if ordered today, your custom-made course will be ready in December, 2021.

In this course you will get the following videos:

  • how to use this course for the best results
  • a fully choreographed wedding dance to your first dance song
  • step-by-step breakdown of every move
  • two pop-quizzes to monitor your progress of learning the dance moves
  • tips on what to keep in mind in preparation for the big day


  • an edited version of the song that you can easily download so you can practice to it and hand it to your DJ
  • video analysis by Pasha & Daniella (once you learn your dance, you can record yourself dancing it, send it to us and receive feedback from Pasha & Daniella if anything needs polishing)